Thu, 05/31/2012 - 11:21 -- admin

As of every year for the past 14 years, Panorama will present an overview of creative practice today, seen through the different works created in the course of the past year within the production studios of Le Fresnoy. We are given a glimpse of the most recurrent tendencies that may  be resumed as follows: with all these art projects, one comes to the conclusion that reality is more and more elastic or multiple. This elasticity is the result of a more and more complex layering of elements from different time-spaces. We live here and now, but also there and now and  perhaps also here and in the immediate past or that of the continuous present. Our reality is intensified by the flow of information from elsewhere and our perception of the immediate environment is affected by it. It is therefore natural to see artists appropriate the distortions that result from this elasticity, as much from the point of view of narrative structures as that regarding content which reflects the new impetus of human relations and the principle of reality itself. Presented in open plan fashion, the exhibition invites the spectator to decide on the itinerary through  this elastic reality, putting each into perspective, in order for an open narrative to be created as the visitors wander through the exhibition space. _Benjamin Weil